The Graphics Generator Project implements a real time web monitoring system that helps network administrators to analyse equipments (SNMP clients). At this moment the system components are:

1. Input data demo web page (see example)
2. CGI shell scripts that polls SNMP OIDs (input e output octets) of equipments
3. C program that builts a JPG graphic to be analysed (see demo graph)


1. Linux System
2. Net-SNMP package installed (to the CGI scripts)
3. GD Library installed (to compile the C program)
4. Apache Server (to execute)


Dynamic graphical monitoring of the all numeric couple MIB variables.


After installing requirements, do the following:

1. Download the targz file

2. Uncompress the file

3. Copy the demo web page to a valid apache directory

    Ex.: cp demo.html /usr/local/httpd/htdocs

4. Copy the CGI scripts to CGI-BIN apache directory

    Ex.: cp snmppolltraffic.cgi /usr/local/httpd/cgi-bin
    Ex.: cp /usr/local/httpd/cgi-bin

5. Edit the CGI scripts and change the value of the CGI_PATH, HTML_PATH and HTTP_SERVER variables

    Ex.: vi snmppolltraffic.cgi
    Ex.: vi

6. Compile the C programs and copy the bin files to same cgi-bin directory

    Ex.: gcc -lgd -lpng -lz -ljpeg -lfreetype -lm -o plotter plotter.c
    Ex.: cp plotter /usr/local/httpd/cgi-bin
    Ex.: gcc -o parsercgi parsercgi.c
    Ex.: cp parsercgi /usr/local/httpd/cgi-bin

7. If necessary, change directory permissions to execute and write files by apache user

    Ex.: chmod 777 /usr/local/httpd/htdocs
    Ex.: chmod 777 /usr/local/httpd/cgi-bin

    Warning...It might happen a security flaw!

8. Change permissions in the apache conf to execute .cgi files

    Ex.: vi /etc/httpd/httpd.conf

9. Access the demo page in any browser and test the system

Support and download

By PRCA - Paulo Ricardo C. Abrahão - POA - RS - Brazil